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Our Customers swear by us..not at us!
We will help our customers design their network.  We will help our customers
spec computers that will fill their needs.  We will repair your computers.  We
will NOT sell you the computer equipment.  We want you to get what you need
to perform your job, not what we have left in the stockroom.  Since we do not
sell computers you can be assured that we have no reason to recommend
something beyond your needs.  If we spec the equipment, we will install it.  If
you buy the equipment yourself, we will try to make it work, if that is possible. 
Remember good, fast, cheap.. you only get to pick 2 of the 3. 

We will provide scheduled service to be sure you keep running.  We will also
do break - fix service if that is what you want. 

If asked, we can provide HIPAA, PCI, and other regulatory requirement

We currently provide service to doctors, lawyers, (no Indian chiefs .. yet), local
government, Point of Sale stores, manufacturing, and most any business that
uses a computer. We can honestly say "been there, done that"

We are going to ask what you want done.. not tell you what you have to do. 
Need help with a problem
that your "computer guy"
can't fix?  Give us a call
Need help in planning the
future of your network or
move to "the cloud".  We can
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Do you have a virus on your
network or in a server?  Have a
"dead" critical workstation? 
We do it all. 

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