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The Computer Guru is a group of Certified Network Engineers with many
years of experience.  We are different because we all speak Geek AND
English.  This allows us to converse with software and hardware
companies in Geek to get the problem resolved, then we are able to
speak in English to tell you what happened and how to avoid a repeat of
the problem.
Need help with a problem
that your "computer guy"
can't fix?  Give us a call
Need help in planning the
future of your network or
move to "the cloud".  We can
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Do you have a virus on your
network or in a server?  Have a
"dead" critical workstation? 
We do it all. 

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We are tested and certified by
Microsoft, Cisco, Google,
Computing Technology Industry
Association and Federal
Communications Commission
licensed for wireless networks. 
Each member of our staff has more
than 15 years experience in
technology.   You will not be paying
for someone learning networking!